Monday, 16 June 2014

Why did I start blogging?

Hello everybody!

A week on since my first blog post, I have been considering the benefits of blogging and how happy I am that I finally made the jump! Having my own area on the internet is fantastic, here I can ramble on about anything I want, and spend 10 minutes pouring out my heart to you all! So if you are considering setting up a blog, I would only recommend it, I honestly have no regrets!

The fact that I have some followers is hugely exciting and if you are reading this or following me on Bloglovin, THANK YOU! I would have been happy with a single follower, so to have a few is very exciting, I am simply overwhelmed! It means so much that people are actually reading what I write, I know, everybody says that, but I genuinely mean it!

So what can you continue to expect? I really just want to have a mix of all the things I love, beauty, fashion, lifestyle and a little photography thrown in. Please leave me comments of any posts you would like to see, I would love to hear from you.

Apologies if you found today's post a little rambling, I just really wanted to say THANK YOU and express how happy I am that I joined the blogging community!



Disclaimer: All opinions on this blog are my own.  While I will always give an honest opinion, I cannot guarantee that an product which works for me will also work for you. I will work hard to bring you unique posts on my blog and all work will be my own. Please contact me with the email  for permission to use photographs and please do not use without consent.

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