Sunday, 15 June 2014

The Summer TAG

Hello everybody!

When browsing through my Bloglovin feed, I noticed that Makeup Savvy had posted 'The Summer TAG'. Firstly, I love summer and secondly, I love a TAG, so I thought that this would be the perfect post to share with you today. You can check out Makeup Savvy's post here, but this is my interpretation.

What is your favourite thing about summer?

For me, the best thing is simply having an opportunity to relax, whether I am on holiday in the sun or at home (where hopefully it isn't raining!), summer is my time to really consider what is important!

Do you have a favourite summer drink?

For me, in summer an ice cold glass of coke is simply the best, especially when relaxing in my garden on a warm summer day (ahhhh)

Is there a location you like to go to in summer?

In summer my garden is my haven.

Favourite Summer Makeup Look?

At the moment, my go to makeup is a BB cream, teamed with a nude pink blush, a pop of bright eyeshadow (I'm loving blending an ice blue into my crease) and a nude lip. In summer I like to have a lighter makeup with a little pop of colour!

Dresses or skirts?

Dresses, dresses and more dresses! However that being said I am looking for a summery skirt, recommendations welcome!

Sandals or ballet pumps?

Absolutely sandals, I think they complement any look, a brown pair are so versatile. Personally, I get more use out of my ballet pumps in winter, teamed with my favourite H&M black jeggings.

Hair up or down in summer?

To be honest, most days I wear my hair down in summer, I'm too lazy to do anything else with it!

Deep Smokey Eyes or Bold Lips?

In summer, it has to be a bold lip for me, I love the No7 High Shine Lip Crayons, for a buildable coverage, 'Tickle' is the perfect summer coral. Oh and by the way, you get a free gift if you buy two No7 products at the moment, which is definitely worth it, you get a fantastic box filled with treats! I'm not affiliated with No7, I just love their stuff!

Favourite perfume for summer?

I adore Vera Wang Preppy Princess, it is such a fresh, floral, summery scent!

Favourite Summer Music?

At the moment, I have a strange obsession with Cheryl Cole's new song 'Crazy Stupid Love', its just so addictive! Also I am counting down to Ed Sheeran's new album 'X' as I have been for many months and I love anything my John Legend!

So that's the end of my version of this TAG. I would love to see your answers!


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