Wednesday, 11 June 2014

The All Timers....Makeup!

Hello everybody!

If you read my blog yesterday, you will know that I am currently writing about my all time favourite products, and today's focus is makeup! I would like to continue this series further next week, please let me know if you would like to see more, fashion, photography and lifestyle for example. Anyway, here are the products that are never not in my makeup bag!

Real Techniques Core Collection

Oh I love these brushes! Since receiving these at Christmas time, the applying of my face makeup has been so much easier and quicker, instead of the smearing foundation over my face with my old battered pointed foundation brush. Particular loves of mine are the buffing brush, a blogger favourite, which helps give me a natural, perfectly blended finish and the contour brush which helps apply blush to the apples of the cheeks great, even the worst blush in my collection looks good with this. Plus the synthetic bristles means washing is an easy, quick process.

No7 Essentially Natural Foundation in Calico

This was my first even foundation, and it is a huge staple in my makeup bag! Being young, I don't like to feel like my face is caked in foundation while still having a good coverage to even out my skin and tackle any redness. Teamed with the buffing brush, this smooths into my skin effortlessly, perfecting while still allowing my skin to shine through. Also, with the No7 Match Made Service, you can find your perfect shade for free, instead of standing in Boots for half an hour, desperately attempting to find your true match. Plus. with a £3 off makeup voucher, you can get this for less than £7!

17 Wild Metallic Eye Base

17, why did you discontinue these beauties! I have instead linked what I believe to be the closest dupe of these, the Maybelline Colour Tattoos. These bases add a perfect base of colour and can be worn simply on their own or can be used beneath shadows to help them last longer. They don't crease and after a year of wearing it continuously I still have three quarters of the pot. *cries my eyes out at the thought of these gone*

Maybelline the Falsies Mascara

This mascara is a huge blogger/youtuber favourite and I can definitely see why. Personally I love lashes with volume and this mascara definitely gives me that, along with a little length. It can be worn to give natural, fluttery lashes for during the daytime but can be built up to give lengthy, volumnised lashes, ideal for an evening look . Oh and the brush is perfect for coating all the lashes. How did I cope before I bought this?

No7 High Shine Lip Crayon

I already own 3 of these and I am now lusting over their latest release 'Tropical Beach'. Currently in my collection are 'Daydreamer' ,a beautiful nude which I wear at least 3 times a week, 'Tickle', a perfect orange coral for summer and 'Delicate Pink' which is exactly what it says on the time. All 3 shades give a natural sheer coverage but can also be built up for a more intense look. They are incredibly moisturising and have fairly good staying power, though I do have to top up during the day. Plus with a £3 off voucher, they are £6!

So I hope you enjoyed this look into my makeup bag, by the way I am in no way affiliated with No7, I just really like their products, What are your all time favourite makeup items?



Disclaimer: All opinions on this blog are my own.  While I will always give an honest opinion, I cannot guarantee that an product which works for me will also work for you. I will work hard to bring you unique posts on my blog and all work will be my own. Please contact me with the email  for permission to use photographs and please do not use without consent.



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